Weight Management and Anti-Aging

With all the current confusion over diets and weight loss supplements, our doctor-supervised programs take the guesswork out of weight management, and most importantly, they really work!”

Our Success Means A Healthier You!

Dr. George has been designing successful weight management plans for over twenty five years. The protocols are based on decades of research and integrate the most effective, safe weight management plans known today. Patients are pleased to achieve and maintain real health weight goals and improved vitality. What’s more, their risks for diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease have decreased. In many cases, they are able to lower or eliminate their need for expensive prescription drugs to control lipids, glucose and high blood pressure.

Your Individual Program

At our clinic all anti-aging patients are given a complete history and examination that includes body composition testing, detailed systems survey and thorough laboratory chemistry.Additionally, some patients take advantage of the wealth of information in their genetic code. Utilizing genetic testing such as 23 and Me can help truly customize and optimize your plan right down to your DNA!

An accurate state-of-the-art measurement of your body lean mass will help determine certain nutritional requirements while designing a personalized program that preserves the lean and loses only from the excess body fat mass. The laboratory work-up will provide vital information about any underlying metabolic disorder such as low thyroid function or insulin resistance and reveal any important health risks such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

Your individual program will be designed to address all present and to prevent potential future health problems. You will gain a thorough understanding on the best choices for you to attain your goals. Helping you succeed in achieving and maintaining optimal body composition and health is helping you age less!