Connecticut’s First Board certified Anti-aging Physician
  • Holds a Chiropractic Physician Doctorate and Anti-aging Diplomat (American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine)
  • Degrees held in Psychology ( Fairfield University) and Human Biology ( National College)
  • Certified in Clinical Nutrition, Nutrigenomics, Opus 23 Pro, Therapeutic Lifestyle Change and Nutritional Neuroendocrinology

Under the post graduate training and education provided by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, Dr. Pamela George became Connecticut’s first board-certified anti-aging practitioner in 1999 and is now among the ranks of a select international group of forward-thinking physicians.Her “beautiful health” clinic has been awarded the Metagenics Center Of Excellence for therapeutic lifestyle counseling.

  • Dr. George has dedicated 30 years to helping individuals restore, rejuvenate and maintain vitality and function on the structural and cellular level no matter what age they may be!
  • She directs a unique longevity and wellness medspa offering customized natural bio-identical hormone protocols, aesthetics, weight, stress, and pain management, disease prevention, therapeutic lifestyle change, cognitive care, and body therapeutics.
  • She works with a network of like-minded specialists in dentistry, psychology, endocrinology, ophthalmology, plastic surgery,stem cell therapy, internal medicine and gynecology.

Dr. George is a certified Opus 23 professional. Opus 23 is a unique set of HIPAA compliant applications which allows the doctor to import thousands of pieces of raw genetic data from your genomic or flora testing such as 23andMe or Ubiome. Focusing on your concerns, she can generate a personalized treatment plan designed to modify gene expression and optimize physical and emotional well-being. Opus 23 focuses on algorithms that have actionable consequences in such areas as the following: how well we will age, immune and inflammatory predispositions, cardiology, detoxification, diet and nutrition, metabolism, neurodegenerative disease, oncology and pharmacogenomics. You may order your personal Health and Ancestry DNA kit at 10% off list price by going to www.23andme.com/drgeorge

Locally, you may have enjoyed one of numerous community health events Dr. George has sponsored or her summer Saturday morning radio show “Donna and the Doctor.” designed to bring important anti-aging information to listeners in a light-hearted conversational format.

She has also been the guest speaker for the Connecticut Women’s Insurance Association and a physician panel member for the Spring Hadassah conference as well as a speaker for the Junior Women’s League of Eastern Fairfield County.

Dr. George was featured in Vogue magazine in the tri-state health and wellness section. She was featured in a German television documentary for her work in nutrigenomics.