The Art and Science of Well Being by Dr Pamela George


Anti-aging medicine is a new board-certified sub-specialty that focuses on scientifically proven interventions to slow, suspend and in some cases even reverse the biological deterioration and diseases of the body and mind.

Why Age More When You Can Age Less !

It is a little-known fact that your Biological Age, not your Chronological Age, determines the aging rate of your body and its ability to maintain and repair itself.

Remarkable advances have been made in anti-aging medicine over the past several years making the quest for youthful vitality both attainable and affordable. With the guidance of a specially trained practitioner you too can learn how to ageless !

"Science and nature have provided us with the tools to extend and enhance the quality of life of our patients," states Dr. Pamela D. George of Fairfield, who was the first physician in Connecticut to be board-certified as an anti-aging health practitioner. "Far beyond prevention, this is healthcare on the cutting edge !"

Aging Starts Earlier Than You Think…

By the age of 40, almost everyone begins to feel the effects of aging. Fine lines and wrinkles appear, memory and cognitive processes begin to slip, gray hairs appear, eyesight diminishes, fat accumulates in the mid-section. But the aging process actually begins much earlier.

We reach our physiological peak in the mid-20s and ride the plateau through sometime in the 30’s at which point some key biochemical elements start to decline at a rate which leaves us with only 25-50% of important restorative hormones and biochemicals by age 60.

Slow the clock - the Time is Now…

It is never too soon nor too late to take steps toward a healthier life!

Dr. George’s "agelessbygeorge" program includes comprehensive testing and analyses designed specifically to target the individual’s deficiencies and risk factors that may interfere with optimal health and longevity. Complete wellness and longevity programs may include prescribed nutritional supplements, physician managed natural hormone replacement therapy, weight and body fat management protocols, fitness counseling, bodywork, skincare and cognitive enhancement.

What To Expect…

Within a matter of weeks you should begin to notice increased energy, better sleep, improved stamina and more optimistic attitude. Month after month you will be making strides in decreasing your risk for serious degenerative diseases such as arthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes, heart disease- just to name a few.

The long-term goal is to generate a measurable improvement in each patient's biologic age i.e., alleviate symptoms of aging, and return your body to a healthier state of functioning. That includes improvements in mental function and clarity; remodeling of musculature and reduced body fat; improved structural integrity and mobility; heightened aerobic capacity; reduction of controllable life threatening risk factors; increased immune function and wound healing capacity; improved skin elasticity and moisture.

Aging Is Not Inevitable... Start Today On Your More Youthful Tomorrow

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